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Nikhil has given me the tools to regulate my emotions to navigate crucial life changes. I have been able to be more present in the moment rather than dwelling on the past or stressing about the future.

I have historically been averse to physical activity and exercise but now I feel much more connected to my breath and I have been able to use it to calm myself down when required. Along with some tools which have helped me in centering myself, Nikhil has also introduced me to other communities and instructors who are further helping me build a life which feels more true to myself

Vrishti Jain

Senior Product Designer,

I began working with Nikhil to strengthen and deepen my mindfulness practice. He was extremely knowledgeable, practical in application, adaptable and empathetic, and challenging. I received more value than I expected personally and professionally. It was a worthwhile investment. I would highly recommend Nikhil as a coach and as a mindfulness coach

Craig McKinsey

Managing Director, Transcend International Pvt. Ltd.

Nikhil brings a strong blend of intellectual rigor and emotional intelligence to the table. I was really grateful for the fact that a ton of effort went in from his side to make sure that my specific requirements were met . The discussions were never prescriptive and involved helping me find out my way to the solutions. What I valued the most in our engagement was the fact that he was genuinely invested in helping me get outcomes and his engagement did not stop at the end of the session. My sessions have jump-started my journey of self-awareness. I've been able to recognize better my patterns of thinking and my default ways of reacting and the spaces they arose from. These coupled with suggested workarounds have helped me move mountains on my journey forward. 

Kunal Shah

Services, Xto10X Technologies

I have been working with Nikhil over the past few months. I found our conversations to be deeper, reflective, enriching and thought provoking.

I was leading a large scape cross functional project at work where I needed to lead multiple teams and stakeholders and I was having challenges with effective conflict management and influencing without authority. Therefore I was looking for a coach and I am very happy that I chose Nikhil who provided me several tools and resources to help me achieve my goal in both of these areas. During the sessions, I received meaningful insights and actionable feedback which I could apply at work the very next day and see the immediate positive impact.

What I found most helpful is that Nikhil not only focused on what but also on why. This understanding of underlying behavior and emotions helped me tremendously as I became a more centered leader. I have personally received praise from many coworkers who comment on how much I have transformed and evolved as a leader in the last few months, and I know Nikhil’s coaching played a pivotal role in that transformation.

Naren Singh

Strategy & PMO @Cell and Gene Therapies, Novartis

SG 301 Sriram Spandhana Challaghatta Village, Bangalore Karnataka 560071, India

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