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Transcend International is a global provider o f coaching and training solutions designed to help individuals, teams and organisations move beyond simply adapting towards genuine thriving in the face of an ever changing and increasingly challenging landscape.

Our Coach Training Programmes

Master impactful coaching through our unique approach. We blend leading-edge models with adult learning principles, creating coaches equipped with a robust skillset for personal and professional transformation. Explore our diverse programs to find your perfect fit.


Successful completion of this programme earns the coach our Certificate in Professional Coaching and is approved content for ICF Level 1 (76 hours).

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There are two pathways to attaining this certificate: 1. Successful completion of the entire pathway with Transcend. 2. The coach has completed an alternative coach training programme* that meets the Certificate in Professional Coaching criteria and also meets the ICF and EMCC standards.

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CERTIFICATE IN PROFESSIONAL COACHING MASTERY (for coaches with experience or prior training)

Successful completion of this programme earns the coach Transcend International’s Certificate in Professional Coaching Mastery and is approved content for Level 2 (63 hours).

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Team Coaching Practitioner Programme aims to ensure competency, capability and confidence to apply team coaching approaches to help teams become more effective and, ultimately, develop the capability to coach themselves. The context is coaching teams in the workplace.

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Our Coaching Services

Coaching is our DNA and it has been one of our core competencies from the very beginning. Highlighted below are some of the different coaching services that we offer, which have benefited our clients tremendously in meeting not only their own but also their organisation’s goals.


Empower top executives and leaders. We guide them to navigate complex challenges, build deep connections, and shape lasting legacies. Master presence, influence, and bias management. Click to learn more.


Elevate your team. Our coaching unlocks transformative conversations and lasting success. Boost teamwork, ignite innovation, and create a legacy of high performance. Discover how


Go beyond coaching skills . Learn the power of reflection to build a thriving practice and transform your life. We guide coaches on a journey of self-discovery, unlocking deeper insights and lasting impact.

Organisational Offerings

Transform organisations from within. We empower leaders through coaching, training, and supervision. Integrate coaching strategies to drive sustainable positive change and unlock lasting value. Explore our proven solutions.


Empower leaders, elevate teams. Navigate change with confidence. Develop presence, influence, and legacy. Achieve more, together.


Unleash team potential through courageous conversations. Drive performance, build trust, create lasting value for all stakeholders. Discover the power of empowered teams.


Transform Teams, Transform Results: Our global coaching pioneers guide you. Master complex systems, build teams that thrive, create lasting impact.


Unlock leadership conversations: Trust, growth, empowerment. We craft customized programs to transform how your leaders connect, motivate, and build high-performing teams.


Unleash coaching potential, fuel organizational success. Our reflective practice programs empower internal coaches to thrive, driving lasting value for your people and your business.

Transcend International is committed to empowering coaches through high-quality education and practical guidance.

Join us on this transformative journey towards professional excellence. Contact our team today for more information on how we can support your growth as a coach leader.

Together, let's transcend boundaries and elevate the world of coaching! 

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Tuesday 5th December 5:00pm (HKT) 9:00 am (UTC)

Join us for an exclusive opportunity to dive deep into the world of Transcend coaching and how we create value for coaches and their clients. Join renowned experts, Tony Dickel and Craig McKenzie and uncover valuable insights to take your coaching skills to new heights.

Leave with insights into:

• How you can develop a coach's “way of being” rather than “way of doing”

• How we help you to grow your coaching practice in a way which is both meaningful and profitable

• How you and your clients can stay resilient, balanced and on-track in a rapidly changing world through one of our unique coaching frameworks, MACE.

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