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Your quality of life depends on 3 things above all else:

  • The thoughts you think
  • The emotions you feel
  • The energy you in every moment
Nikhil Chadha

CEO & Founder, Mindwize

Change how your day looks

Create a stellar life with these foundational secrets
My proven system for 15+ years of success on 2000+ clients

Master Your Thoughts

Apply Thought Transformation Techniques for energy and success

Increased Energy

Feel the power of Life Energy Stepup with the 30 day challenge.

Improved Brain Health

Create a Mind Maximizer system for peak brain performance - lifelong

Body Booster

Harness the body-energy system to kick start everyday powerfully

Breath Balancer

Breathe better with breath balancer techniques for energy & emotions

Meditation & Mindfulness

Simple mindfulness meditations for focus, emotions & energy recharge

Body Booster Bonus
  • Ancient techniques to keep your body and mind at their best performance
  • Give every day a powerful start or reset yourself anytime during the day
  • 8-video series

Don't Miss This Opportunity

Your life will never feel the same again.

Learn The Step-by-Step System that is Guaranteed to change how energetic you feel

Think Smarter

Retrain your thinking patterns, improve moods, reduce stress & anxiety & improve focus, awareness and resilience

Feel Better

Increase self awareness and regulate moods. Improve relationships, health, drive and consistently get things done

Buzz with Energy

Stay energized all day long. Be it work, fun, relationships or life experiences. Be present - fully and energetically

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From Stuck to stellar

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  • Get early access to the book
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Frequently Asked Questions

For any additional queries, feel free to contact us

Who is this program best for?

If you are a busy professional who wants more out of life - in your career, relationships, well-being OR
you care about your experiencing life to its fullest.

This is for you!

Who is this NOT for?

This is not for individuals who are not ready to implement or willing to implement tangible action steps to improve their energy levels, feel better, think with clarity and start enjoying life enthusiastically. If you are not willing to bet on your own self and give yourself a chance, then this course is not for you

Is 30 day realistic to get results?

If you implement the entire program, you will experience noticeable improvement within 30 days.

If you implement it for 90 days consistently, the difference would be significant.

Disclaimer: for those with chronic medical conditions, the same can not be guaranteed without knowing the specific details. For such a situation, feel free to schedule a 1 on 1 consultation.

What all does the course include?

The course includes all the 6 core modules, plus bonus 2 modules. It also includes access to an action oriented learning system.

Additional resorces, templats and downloadable formats for ease of use are also included in the course.

What if I don't like it?

Try (Implement) the program for 7 days. If you do not find any changes, we will refund your investment. Its a 7 day money back guarantee

What will happen to my access if I ask for refund?

We are confident you will benefit from this system. In the event of a cancellation, the following access will be revoked, and you will no longer be able to access this life-changing system.

Course materials

Practical exercises


Community access

How long do I have the course access for?

You have full LIFETIME access to all content included with the course + all future updates, bonus updates and additional modules.

Does this include access to work 1:1 with Nikhil

Upon completion of the course, you will have an option of signing up for membership of the Mindwizards Transformation Tribe.

That includes access to work with Nikhil.

Alternatively, you can request for personalised 1:1 coaching from the website. Please note: Nikhil has limited slots to work one on one with people every year and having a slot available is not a guarantee all the time.

Is there a community element to this course?

This is a do-it-yourself course. It does not include any community access.

Community (The Mindwizards Transformation Tribe) access can be purchased from level 2 onwards along with all its included courses, resources, and offers.

Please check out the Memberships page for further details.

Are there any additional courses I should take alongside this?

This is a standalone course and does not require you to take up any additional course.

This is a kick-starter level course. For further deep dive into any areas of interest, there will be additional resources pointed to in the course modules.

Are there any live calls for this course?

Live calls are not included with this course. 

Live masterclasses are included with the membership to the Mindwizards Transformation Tribe. Please refer to memberships section of the website for more information. 

What timezone is best suited for this course?

This is a recorded, do-it-yourself course.

You can do it from anywhere in the world at a time of your own convenience. It is meant ot blend into your current lifestyle and not force you to attend sessions at ungodly hours :) 

My question isn't listed.

Please write to us at and we will do our best to resolve your query

Are there any payment plans available?

This course does not include a payment plan.

However, you can purchase a value+ bundle that gives you access to the book and additional perks for an incremental investment. 

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