Ever chosen a role you always feared?
Ever chosen a path you promised you never would?

2018: I Did Both!

"Let your dreams be bigger than your fears..."
M. Scott Peck

what I do

I am Nikhil Chadha

  • Transformation Coach
  • Mindfulness Teacher
  • Chief Mindfulness Office: Mindwize
  • Author
  • Podcaster
  • Transformation Consultant
  • Facilitator

I am a chronic learner

And I believe in constantly investing in oneself

  • Human Behaviour Shift Expert of the Year – Asia: Corporate Vision 2020

  • HR 40 Under 40 for leveraging technology & innovation in Leadership & Development

  • 100 Top Global Training & Development Minds: World HRD Congress

  • Best Social Media based learning programs: CLO TISS Leapvault [Team award]

  • John Mattone Certified Intelligent Leadership Coach

  • Certified Mindfulness Teacher - Professional: International Mindfulness Teachers Association

  • Certified Embodied Leadership Level 1 [Strozzi Institute, California]

  • Iconic IDC Insights Awards

  • Certified Corporate Based Mindfulness Trainer [Potential Project]

  • Certified Level 1: Bounce Back Better® (B3) System for Resilience [Flourishing Center, NewYork]

  • Qigong and Tai Chi Practitioner

  • Hogan Certified Assessor

  • EUM - I Certified

  • Gestalt Level 1 practitioner

  • Coach & Certified practitioner in Design for Change [IDEO]

  • Dale Carnegie Certified Facilitator

  • Member International Association of Facilitators

  • Masteries Practitioner International Association of Coaching

  • CBT & REBT [CPD Accredited] practitioner

Nikhil Chadha

I am an army kid. I grew up moving across the country. Change was truly one of the few constants in life. Life was privileged. Experiences, Exposure and Opportunities only few could dream of, were accessible.

Being an only child ensured I made the most of them and developed multiple hobbies.Some of these stayed with me over the years; others were more passing phases.

And it was only supposed to get better over time. Some things did, a lot of others didn't.

Changed 16 Schools
Lived in 2/3 of India
I Read, I Write, I Take Pictures, I Play Music, I love to Dance.
Most of all - I love learning!

I did what most 90's kid in India did. Finished my B.Tech in 2002, and my MBA in 2007. With that, I joined the corporate world as part of a prestigious Leadership Program with General Electric.
Safe and secure choices for most service class children growing up in the India of the 90's!

Work was exciting, I travelled a lot, the hobbies continued alongside and career growth flourished.
I grew Fast, Won Awards, Got Promotions and was on a Career Fast Track


I didn't know. Inside me were areas that were holding me back.
* Low grade depression
* Not being aware of my own emotions
* Difficulty to say No
* Balancing my emotional and logical side
* Healthy sense of Self-worth
* Standing up for myself
* Speaking aloud what I truly felt
* Hyper-sensitive to criticism
....................... The List is fairly long.

Most Importantly, What it was doing to me

Had a Devastating Impact!


I was fragmented and unable to bring an internal balance.

How could my leadership be impactful?


I struggled to be emotionally aware & expressive.

How could my relationships feel fulfilling?


I had chosen the safe and secure path to grow.

How could my work inspire me and feel meaningful?


My inner world was in havoc and lving from habint and fear.

How could my well-being and health flourish?

I took support. I went in deep. And I went explored far and wide.

Coaches, Therapists, Mindfulness, Meditations, Teachers, Practitoners - you name it!

I worked with some of the world's best.

For 14+ years, I Stayed Consistently At It!

I worked on MYSELF

Submit to learning.
It will Transform you!

Alongside, I started to learn and train under those who had helped me on my journey.
And I started to help others who were struggling in their lives.

"We want more. What you are teaching is really transforming our lives"
...Such was the feedback from those I supported.
But I had my fears. And my doubts. And what lay infront, was the path I had promised I'll never take.

Yet I knew, there were millions out there, who were just like me.
Needing support and Deserving to be helped.
I knew, the journey isn't going to be easy for anyone - I had been walking it for years.

But I knew it could be made simpler!

So, in 2018, I Chose to be the CEO and founded

Bringing Human'e' Back Into Human Interactions

And in 2022, I founded

Helping Busy Professionals Go From Stuck To Stellar In Their Lives:
With The Mindwizards Method


I continue Transforming

I am still learning, evolving, growing, and transforming.

I am



grateful for my impact

and loving the roles that I do daily!

SG 301 Sriram Spandhana Challaghatta Village, Bangalore Karnataka 560071, India

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