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Hi! my name is Nikhil and...

I'm a dreamer, a changemaker, and a lifelong learner. 

I empower busy leaders and professionals to embrace a life filled with choices.

Discover the Mindwizards Method—a unique, holistic, and actionable roadmap to the success and balance you secretly seek.

Ready for a transformation that resonates in every corner of your life?

Mindwizards Transformation Tribe

Join a community of dedicated professionals, united in their pursuit of unlocking the full potential of their minds for personal growth and positive global impact.


My vision is to bring the human'e' back into human interactions to create healthier workplaces, families, and societies. We owe it to the generations to come!

What Is Possible For You?

Without feeling alone, overwhelmed, burnt out or ‘not good enough’


Served 10,000+ lives and on a mission to simplify personal transformation for a million+ working professionals

My Mission

Simplify Transformation

Transformation is never easy. But it can be made simple.

My mission is to simplify transformation for a million+ working professionals to help them lead fulfilling lives.

My Expertise

Transformation, Mindfulness, Coaching

With over 2 decades of leading, living & learning personal transformation from the global best, I help busy professionals build the stellar life they secretly crave and no longer feel stuck in life.

My Tribe

Mindwizards Transformation Tribe

A community of committed working professionals who want to build a stellar life for themselves and support others on the way. The community believes in co-elevation and a life full of possibilities.

Mindwizards Transformation Tribe

We commit to creating healthier workplaces, families and societies through our leadership, personal growth and impact to those around. 

Step 1: Optimise your Self

The Mindwizards Explorer

Access a proven "Self Optimiser System" for more energy, better moods, and enhanced mental abilities in 30 days.

Step 2: Life Step-up Challenge

The Mindwizards Navigator

Achieve goals in 3 months with a 'done for you' plan. Learn the 5 gateways to self-discovery and choose your path for impactful personal growth.

Step 3: Self Growth Intensive

The Mindwizards Traveler

Boost transformation with expert support. Learn tricks and nuances, breaking new ground guided by seasoned coaches and practitioners.

Step 4: Life Power Maximiser

The Mindwizards Mastery

Work towards mastery in all 5 windows to the self in powerful in-person live workshops bringing the best masters in the world to you.

Step 5: Self Transformation Mastery

The Mindwizards Zen

Embrace transformation with personalised coaching. For those truly dedicated to profound change, aspiring to live Mindful Zen.

Simple Steps to Get Started

We have various membership levels to cater to your needs. Attend my next webinar to learn more and then get started as on your journey of transformation.


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Everything in EXPLORER +

7 Advanced Courses

Advanced Certification

Tools & Templates

Tactical Knowledge

180-Day Challenge

Lifetime Membership



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Success Stories

Trusted by 100% of those we have served. I built this community with love, mindfulness, and passion! Our focus is to help you get results.

  • I began working with Nikhil to strengthen and deepen my mindfulness practice. He was extremely knowledgeable, practical in application, adaptable and empathetic, and challenging. I received more value than I expected, personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Nikhil as a coach and as a mindfulness coach.

    Craig McKinsey

    Managing Director, Transcend International Pvt. Ltd.

    Craig McKinsey
  • Nikhil equipped me with tools to regulate emotions during life changes, enabling me to be more present and less anxious. I now embrace physical activity, feeling connected to my breath and using it to calm myself. Additionally, Nikhil introduced me to communities and instructors aligned with my true self.

    Vrishti Jain

    Senior Product Designer,

    Vrishti Jain
  • Working with Nikhil has been enriching. He provided tools for effective conflict management and influencing without authority, resulting in an immediate positive impact at work. His focus on understanding underlying behavior and emotions helped me become a more centered leader. My coworkers have praised my transformation!

    Naren Singh

    Strategy & PMO @Cell and Gene Therapies, Novartis

    Naren Singh
  • Nikhil combines intellectual rigor and emotional intelligence, investing considerable effort to meet my specific needs. His genuine commitment to my progress goes beyond sessions, jump-starting my journey of self-awareness. I now recognise my thought patterns and reactions with suggested workarounds, enabling personal growth.

    Kunal Shah

    Services, Xto10X Technologies

    Kunal Shah

SG 301 Sriram Spandhana Challaghatta Village, Bangalore Karnataka 560071, India

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